Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Angelicum Academy's TouchPebbles.

Beginning in 3rd grade, Angelicum Academy offers a good books, online discussion. The students "meet" weekly online, and a moderator guides the students through the reading and assignments. These online discussions are based on the Socratic method and help the younger child transition into their Great Books program.

This year I was extremely close to enrolling Marco for these classes. But the enrollment fee for Angelicum is separate for the online classes. That means an extra $295. I'm not saying that these classes are not worth it, as I'm guessing they probably are; but I do not know whether we'd fully participate, so that kept me from signing on.

I did however, order the text and teacher's book they use for the online class. They recommend following their lesson plans, even if you don't enroll for the discussion group. This is what I'll be attempting this year. If it goes well, then I will probably enroll Marco in the discussion group for next year.

You can read more about Touchstones Discussion Project on their website. If anyone has ever had their child be a part of the Socratic online discussions with Angelicum, I'd love to hear about it!! It really does look like a worthwhile class and I'm kind of excited to try it out here at home, although it won't be the same as if he was part of a class.


Xhonane Olivas said...

Thank you for the info Liz! I will check it out! That might be a good option for my oldest son.

Liz said...

I hope it works out for us too. And after looking through the book and teacher's manual, it looks very doable and like a great way to introduce kids to the Socratic method of discussion.

Alison said...

My daughter is just about to finish the 3rd grade program. Truthfully at first she did not like it, I think most of it went over her head. But now she is loving it, she really has matured in her thought and the way she has expressed herself in class. I asked her if she wanted to do the fourth grade class, and she said yes. I hope this helps.
PS - Great Blog

Liz said...

Thanks for the input Alison. We are still considering, but the cost of the class on top of enrollment might put us over the top! We have been enjoying the class and have been including my 1st/2nd grade daughter along with my son. It's fun for them, so I might continue to do it as our own class, but you definitely give me something to think about!!


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