Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preparing for a Sweet Get Together!

This year, Valentine's Day falls on the Sunday right before Ash Wednesday. Because we won't be celebrating the sweet holiday with our co-op friends, we decided to host our own little get together!

Our Sweet Cookie & Craft Valentines Get Together will give us the opportunity to make some fun crafts, enjoy some yummy treats, and trade Valentines with a few of our friends. Today I'll be posting links to help anyone plan a great little party for Valentine's day. With only a few days until our own celebration, I thought I better plan ahead as much as possible.

Paper Roses (a YouTube Video tutorial)
Victorian Party Favor Cone
A collection of wonderful Valentine's Day Crafts!!

I'm excited to get everything ready and start some crafting with the kids!


The Towers Family said...

Have you been to this website?

It has neat Catholic crafts to make and share.

Liz said...

I love it!!! Thanks so much for suggesting it. I now have it bookmarked as a favorite and am excited about all the suggestions found there!


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