Monday, February 1, 2010


Today we took a day off from our regularly scheduled school work to do some fun school. Monday's are typically our co-op days, but with all the snow outside, co-op was cancelled and we were given a whole day to fill up with enrichment activities.

CurrClick has a great lapbook all about Valentines Day that we are working on for this week. And at only $4.00 for the download, it's a great value!! The lapbook is geared towards 2nd through 6th grade; but with some minor adjustments, I'm making it work for our preschooler and kindergartner as well as for 2nd grade Marco.

It's hard to think ahead sometimes and plan fun things to do, especially when you are busy packing for a possible move! But I'm trying really hard to keep things fun around here! Luckily, there are plenty of websites to visit and get holiday crafts and things to do.

For our lapbook we studied the history of Valentine's Day, as well as how it was celebrated during the Middle Ages. Anthony wasn't able to follow along with the more in-depth questions I made the older children answer, but he was still involved with some preschool valentine activities. Enchanted Learning has some great valentine activity books you can print out. We used this activity book from them and glued it to the inside of his lapbook. He also practiced writing letters and did some coloring.

Here are some additional websites that I love and can always find things for not only my preschooler, but for Marco and Isabella as well. Some of them do require a subscription, but I find that they are well worth it!

Getting our mini-books ready for the lapbook.

Marco having fun with his work.

Isabella gluing stuff down.

Anthony working on his own preschool version.

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