Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playing Mass.

Today was a highly stressful day for me. Things are happening around here so fast lately that I feel like my head is spinning. But in the midst of chaos, my children were able to ground me. How so? By playing a long-time favorite "game"...Mass.

Since Marco was about 2 or 3, I've delighted in playing pretend Mass with him. From dressing a makeshift altar to serving "wine" in a glass, playing Mass was a way for me to introduce the beauty of our faith to the kids. Now, however, I don't need to be as involved as I once was. The kids are able to gather all the supplies needed. Using a blanket as an altar cloth, providing kneelers made out of pillows, and using just the right plate for the Paten. They got it all figured out!!

It's nice to participate and hear "Father Marco" say his homily. Isabella usually brings in the gifts and Anthony always does a "reading." They played Mass so well this morning, that I decided to surprise them with a Miniature Mass kit for Easter. It's a beautiful replica of the real thing and you can find that here.

Who knows...perhaps playing Mass will lead one of them to a vocation as a priest. But at least for a moment today I was able to marvel at how my children looked so wonderfully angelic imitating one of the most wonderful gifts of the Catholic faith. I was also secretly praying that their pressed bread and apple juice, although far from being consecrated bread and wine, was blessed nonetheless.

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hider101 said...

Liz, Thank you for sharing this special momment in your home! Some people get so uppity about playing Mass. I think it is wonderful! Clearly your children have a great respect for the Mass and how wonderful that it is something the want to imitate!

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