Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Valentine Get Together.`

It was a fun filled morning at our home as a "few" of our friends came over to enjoy a "small" Valentine get together (19 children altogether between 5 moms!). It was lots of fun and lots of fun chaos as the children ran around and played with their friends. Some children even got to make Saint Valentine's day cards and color some pictures!

Lunch was pizza for the kiddos and Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup with salad for the moms. Oh...and lots of candy and treats! Lots of good laughs with friends made the day extra special.

After the party, the kids and I sat down and worked on more Valentine Day crafts and cards. It was fun to spend an afternoon talking to them about their morning and hearing all the fun stories about them and their friends. Crafting is a sure way to connect with your kids!! And to show their appreciation for the fun day, the kids all split up chores and helped get the house back into tip-top shape!!

Anthony's favorite chore is cleaning windows. He washed all the windows and glass doors in the house. Although only the bottom half of the glass was cleaned, I was so happy to see how proud he was of his work!

Isabella scrubbed all the trim, chair rails, and base boards. She did a great job, although some places require a little more elbow grease than she is able to give. But she looks like a happy mother's helper!

Marco did the unthinkable (or am I setting too low standards?) for a 7 year old. This is his look after cleaning the entire kitchen...floors, counter tops, dishes, and table. Not only that, but he continued his cleaning streak with helping me pick up the living room and clean the bathroom. No complaints from him...I love my little cleaning dude!!!

And while Christian slept through our cleaning frenzy, little Jimmy enjoyed practicing his new talent...rolling over! Such a Heart Breaker!!

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