Monday, April 6, 2009

Still Organizing and Planning!

Today is day 3 of reorganizing our school room. I must admit that I took LOTS of time off from this over the weekend, mostly due to the birthday of a little boy! But I did get to accomplish the task of organizing the books, bins, and bookcase drawers. For the most part, I only have to organize our printing area and rolling cart shelves.

I also plan on updating our map wall. We currently only have the US map showing, but I'll be switching to a world map. This will accompany our Liturgical Calendar poster as well. I was afraid of over-cluttering this particular wall, but it is the only space I have and the kids don't seem to notice (unless I'm pointing something out!).

Removed from our school room is our flip chart, extra chairs, piano, and mail organizer (this was such an eye sore!!). I am also moving our activity bins to a cabinet in the living room, but this is only to keep them out of sight...the younger kids tend to take them out when they are not supposed to. Having them in the living room won't make things any more difficult on me either, as there is a small play space by the cabinet. I tend to send the young kids there to play during school anyways, so it makes more sense to have their bins there.

As for the planning part of our organizational overhaul...I'm working on creating new binders for school work. These will be tested out as recommended by TWTM book. This would mean that we would have a binder for all the subjects. This includes spelling, grammar, history, writing, reading, science, and math. Since some of these subjects are done in a workbook, I will be omitting them for the time being (currently this includes spelling and grammar). I plan on keeping these binders through the grades and just adding dividers to separate the years. This would mean that our history binder would have tabs to divide ancient history, medieval/early renaissance history, late renaissance/early modern, and modern. This will all be trial and error, of course, so we'll see if it really works out for us!

In the mean time, I hope you hang tight as I work hard at accomplishing this monstrous task before me! Pictures will soon accompany the results!

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