Saturday, April 4, 2009

Organizing our School.

So every few months or so, I revisit The Well Trained Mind. Not because I forget what it says or recommends, but because it motivates me. It is, after all, the book that finally convinced me and my hubby to homeschool our kids.

This week has been my Well Trained Mind week. I've been re-reading, re-evaluating, etc. Even my hubby sits by as I read him excerpts from the book. This is greatly reassuring to me since I know he is supportive of me teaching the children 100%; and that makes such a big difference. I know that I don't have convince him of all the wonderful benefits of homeschooling or why it's best for us. He knows. BUT...he also wants results. Results that can be seen in our kids' behavior, attitudes, and most importantly...academic achievement.

Because TWTM gives you tips on organizing school work, it got me thinking that my school room has to be in order first. So, today I decided that it's time to reorganize our school room and learning areas. Because the little kids tend to get rowdy during certain times, we created 2 additional learning areas in the house. These are great for independent work and for one on one. Besides the school room, which holds the majority of our supplies, we have added the new study spaces on the second floor of our house. A table is now in our bedroom and another school table in the alcove. We also moved a cubby upstairs which will hold some additional supplies and books.

In our school room (you can see pictures here), we currently have all our homeschool books. Unfortunately, this includes books we are not currently using, activities that aren't needed frequently, empty binders, etc. All this has caused LOTS of clutter!! So my new goal for the weekend (perhaps I should make it for the week!), will be to declutter our school room and move all our unneccessary supplies and books downstairs to our playroom/supply room/school extension room. I'm hoping this will make life a little easier for everyone.

I will most definitely post updated pictures once my project is done. Why do I bother? Because I myself love looking at how other homeschoolers organize their homes and especially their school rooms!! I just want to satisfy anyone's curiosity too!

I'm off to organize!

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