Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's Just Cancel Math!

Using Saxon Math has been great for us. I really like the layout and that it uses a spiral approach. Lately, however, I have found that I just want the kids to solidify their basic math facts so that they become second nature. I don't want much thinking to go into it...just spit out the answer!

Although Marco is doing well with his math facts, I want him to improve on recognition and speed. We do the timed portions from the book, but I really would like more of that same kind of practice. Isabella, on the other hand, is still working on doubles and only has half of them down. I would blame this partially on myself, since I haven't put too heavy a focus on it. She is after all, a preschooler.

But as the end of the year approaches, I really want the kids to be solid in math. So I have searched high and low for a supplement that will help them in recalling math facts. I came across several and finally decided on Calculadders. It seems like their program is what I was looking for...a daily dose of math problems that would make recalling math facts as automatic as breathing!

My only problem after purchasing and receiving their Master Pak CD, is that they don't progress through math facts in the same order as is presented in Saxon Math. This is actually not a problem for Marco, who is completing Saxon Math 2. But this is a problem for Isabella, who is in the midst of Saxon Math 1 (she hasn't come across all the math facts yet). So begins the hunt for math worksheets that will supplement the order of Saxon. Was I successful? A big fat...NO!

So I have spent an hour of my time creating my own math worksheets...starting with the doubles. So far it is exactly what I need for my budding mathematician. While Marco is beginning his daily dose of Calculadder's "Learning Vitamins," Isabella is working on her own Mommy-created math worksheets. I plan on keeping this up, especially with Isabella, until I feel satisfied with their speed.

I am posting the following links to two math fact worksheets I created. They offer only doubles math facts practice.

Doubles Math Facts Practice Sheet (This has only 25 problems)
Super Doubles Math Facts Practice Sheet (This has a whopping 70 problems on it)

I'll make sure to post more if I need to create them!


Good Remedy said...

Liz, I am glad you reminded me about Calculadder. I downloaded some sheets a few years ago when we began homeschooling and f-o-r-g-o-t about them. It was just what I needed for Lee at the time, and now for Bill! Thanks!

Hope you are all feeling better :-)

Chris Engelsma said...

How about a flashmaster?

Liz said...

OOOO!!! Flashmaster looks very cool! I'll have to dig deeper and investigate this neat looking gadget. Thanks for the tip!


Anonymous said...

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