Saturday, April 18, 2009

Something New.

Last night, for the first time ever...I went scrapbooking!!! I won't lie that I was completely overwhelmed when I first got there. I mean, these ladies know what they are doing. They are organized, have tons of supplies, and they get to work!! Of course, I was a bit intimidated because as a newbie, I came to the session with only some vacation pictures and a scrapbook kit I purchased earlier in the day.

So after having a snack and watching others, I began working on my own book. First, I want to say "THANKS!!" to my good friend, Katie. She helped me get things together and looking at her scrapbook really helped me focus.

By the end of the night I completed 4 pages!!! I'm so excited and I had a really great time! I kept thinking, "I can totally get into this!" And not only that, but I kept thinking of how I can completely incorporate scrapbooking into homeschooling...especially with our notebooking on history, lapbooking, and nature journals. The possibilities are endless!!

Anyways, thanks to all my awesome friends who helped me tread into new waters.

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