Wednesday, April 15, 2009

School Room Organizing.

Ok. I'll admit that I'm slower than I would like to be when it comes to reorganizing my school room. And there really isn't so much to reorganize!! At this point it is mainly keeping it tidy. I have purged all the books that we don't need, changed our map, organized the bookshelves, and properly labeled our bins. My rolling printer cart has also been cleaned and purged of unnecessary papers and supplies.

So what's been the delay in my picture posting? Oh...mostly having 4 kids running around and actually working in the room!! But I finally have put the pencils away. The crayons and colored pens are no longer spread across the table, the book bin is actually holding our reading books (as opposed to them lying on the floor!), and my desk is somewhat presentable.

After much delay, I present our school room once again!! As you can see, it has changed very little!!

You can see our centers hanging on the far wall.

I removed a flip chart and our curtains. The room looks bigger now!

My bookcases are finally organized, along with the bins above them. You can see our brown, leather book bin next to the bookcase on the floor.

This wall now has our liturgical calendar as well as the map of the world. The other wall is now our word wall.

So yes, our school room is organized for another year...or semester...or summer! Oh, the joys!


Rebecca said...

Wow! Your schoolroom looks amazing. I found your blog recently and have enjoyed reading it. We will begin homeschooling next year, and it has been very helpful to read your opinions on different curricula. Keep up the good work! God bless you!!

mommygirl @ HCA said...

I absolutely love your school room!

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