Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekly Plans.

I decided to blog about our plans for the week with each child's school lessons. Since I'm planning more and more preschool activities into our days, I thought it was a good idea for everyone to have a look at what we'll be doing here at Holy Family Classical Academy!

Math: Continue with Saxon 2, with two lessons on Friday. We are still in the review phase of the book and many of the lessons are fairly easy with no new concepts.

Phonics: Continue with SSRW lesson 16. We are reviewing letter clusters and working on fluency. We will also be including week 3 & 4 words into our Word Wall.

History: SOTW. We took this week off with history and will be starting up again. I plan on doing a review of Chapters 8-11 and finishing off some projects.

Religion: Continue with Faith & Life, Chapter 8. We have been taking it easy with the lessons, mostly because I want them to correlate to the liturgical year and we were a little ahead. But this has been a great thing because we've been able to concentrate on the lives of the saints.

Cartography: This is, by far, one of the shortest and easiest lesson I give every week. This is done one a week and takes about 15 minutes. We will be working on Activity 8, using a map key and following directions.

Literature: Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling.

Handwriting: 2 pages in the Zaner Bloser workbook, plus writing out new sight words.

Math: Continue with Saxon 1 lessons, with two lessons on Friday.

Phonics: SSRW Kindergarten Steps 12 & 13. This will include a new reader, comprehension worksheets, matching, and vocabulary.

Religion: Sit in with Marco's lesson. Read Catholic Treasure Box stories and any other requests from our Lovasik book collection.

Handwriting: Begin Zaner Bloser Kindergarten workbook. We just got this on Thursday and are excited to switch from Seton. Seton was a little dry and Isabella needs a little more color. We'll be doing 2 pages daily.

Literature: Sit in with Marco's reading. *Isabella will also be doing BFIAR activities with Anthony.

BFIAR: My Blue Boat. We will be doing color matching, making a boat craft, working on our animal classification, as well as possibly creating another lapbook.

Preschool Activities
Wooden beads have been extremely popular lately and I'll be taking them out again. I basically set out a mini muffin tin, wooden beads, and pipe cleaners. Anthony sorts the beads into the muffin tin and then laces the beads. This keeps him busy for about 30 minutes, sometimes more.

Anthony working with beads.

Leaf crafts. We have been collecting fall leaves and I plan on using them this week for our preschool activities. Anthony and Isabella will be doing leaf rubbings, creating a leaf collage, and a leaf wreath.

Felt Fun. I have a big felt board with felt story pieces, numbers, shapes, etc. This is a great activity to get the imagination going! I just set out the materials and the kids create their own story scenes, work on number sequence, etc.

I might take out some other of our preschool activities, depending on how our week goes. I always have our file folder games and centers handy, however, and those seem to keep the kids busy.

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Lerin said...

Look at that... we both have little Isabellas and we are both Catholic homeschooling mommies. :) Thanks for the note!

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