Saturday, February 2, 2008

Week in Review.

This week we studied the water cycle, began our Rosary prayers, and continued along with math, phonics, handwriting, and MFW. The highlight, of course, was our water experiments and lapbook.

It was fun to do experiments with the kids. We saw water change into its 3 different states: liquid, gas, and solid. Creating lapbook and posters are usually the favorite around here. I found some great online resources that were fun for the kids to use. Unfortunately, our lapbook didn't turn out to be as great as it could have been. Having to squeeze 2 days work into a morning usually results in sub-par work. Since we had friends visiting us for a few days during school hours, we had to make up the work on Saturday morning. So we had to forgo some of the fun books we were going to make for our lapbook and such. We still got to do some fun "water cycle wheels" and a "types of water" book. The kids had fun learning and I can't complain about that!

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