Thursday, February 14, 2008

Upholstery Revival.

Our dining room set was so beautiful when we first received it as a gift from my parents. The table, a beautiful cherry colored wood. The chairs, gorgeous with the seat covers in ivory. Then the reality. We have children. Young children.

The once pristine table has been scratched by an eager writer using a deadly, sharpened pencil. The chairs? Once an almost white, they became scarred with chocolate milk, grape juice and markers. What am I to do? Reupholster them of course! I can't convey to you how badly the pictures are. They do not do the stains justice. But I am pleased with the results. A nice red burgundy color will hide most stains! As for the scratches on the table? No measure by my hands has been able to salvage the once smooth, clean, scratch-free table I once had. But a furniture marker has been working overtime in hiding the evidence.

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