Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Science Winner Is....

Well, after much looking through, discussing, and setting goals, we have finally decided on our science curriculum. Lucky for me that DH is spear-heading this subject and he will be the one teaching. Because of that, I let him make the ultimate decision. So who did we pick? After carefully considering the contenders, DH chose Living Learning Book AND Harcourt Science. Somehow these two will be meshed into one big science study for the year. Once we work out the kinks in combining the curriculum, I will post our schedule so you can see what we are planning.

The reasons behind the decision? We both really loved the colorful text of Harcourt and the amount of activities and experiments to choose from. DH is a big fan of testing (he sees this as a fact of life) so the end of chapter reviews were a big hit for him. Having a workbook available is also something he is looking forward to using. The downside for Harcourt was the lack of depth he was looking for, therefore, Living Learning Books fit the bill in this area. Altogether, I think that a combination of narration with workbooks will fit us fine and keep the kids happy.

So there! Just another reason why homeschooling is the BEST!!! You can mix and match until you are happy!

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