Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ski Weekend.

This weekend we took a little getaway with some friends up to Sugar Mountain. It was our first time skiing and we were hoping for all of us to have lots of fun. Let me tell you!! Skiing with a bunch of little kids is NOT easy! You have to have all the gear: skis, ski boots, jackets, gloves, hats, ski socks, snow pants, and even (if you go all out) ski goggles.

So imagine this scene: 6 kids all 5 years old and under (4 of ours and 2 friends), 4 adults (1 of which is very not me) and all the above mentioned ski gear for all the kids and adults. You do the math and then see what you get. Oh! And add to that going from the parking lot up a hill to the actual ski place. OK, so getting there was not fun. BUT...

I loved skiing and so did the kids! DH did not enjoy it at all, so next time he'll do the tubing while we hit the slopes. Granted we only stayed on the bunny hill, but I really loved trying something new. I think Isabella was the most excited about skiing, although both she and Marco did exceptional!! Anthony on the hand was a bit frightened and only managed to make it half-way down the hill. Christian was very good and took a good nap while I had him in the Bjorn and I was fortunate to have friends around to take turns holding him.

On a side note, let me add that if it wasn't for our AWESOME friends, the trip would have been horrible! Thanks to all the grown-ups who helped our little ones learn to ski, because we surely didn't know the first thing! More pictures will follow as I get them downloaded from our other camera.
Marco all geared up!
Anthony resisted the skis.
Up on the magic carpet to go for another turn down the hill.

Isabella with friends learning to ski.

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