Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ahh, sleep! The thing once taken for granted is now the most elusive thing in my life. My latest adventures in sleep include getting a 6 month old to sleep through the night and training our 2 year old to stay in his new big boy bed. It's amazing what being sick does to kids. Their clocks get all messed up and then they become accustomed to having you sleep with them. Such difficult habits to break!!

But today is a new day! I am closer to conquering the sleep monster and have been working diligently at not letting the only time I have to myself dissappear. This, of course, is nap time and bedtime. Anthony is now cozily sleeping in his bed for his naps. It took about 3 days to train him and I won't have none of the "read me a million books Mommy!" It's nap time and you must stay in your room and on your bed because I said so! Bedtime is still in the works. At least he is not getting out of bed like he was at the beginning of the week. Now it's just ignoring the noises and keeping him from waking up his siblings.

Babies. They make you do the darnest things! They are cute, cuddly, and so innocent. Having him sleep in bed with me for one night won't hurt, will it? But then one night becomes two and two becomes a week and so forth. Now I'm begging to turn back time to when he was comfy sleeping in his crib next to my bed. A time when I was being good and letting him put himself to sleep. A time when my darling little baby was sleeping for 7 hours at night without so much as making a small noise. Now I've turned into a tortured mom. Letting your child get used to put himself to sleep is not an easy task. Luckily, these things last only about a week (maybe two!).

Until then, if I seem to be half asleep...I probably am. Bear with me as I continue my attack on the stealer of dreams, the disruptor of sleep cycles. And I will win; for my own sanity I have to win!

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