Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IHM Conference Highlights.

I've been looking over all the great tips and notes I took over the weekend. Usually, I go to homeschool conferences, take notes, read them over once or twice, and then file them away. This year I've decided to post the best highlights here...a place I visit over and over again!!!

This is a mish-mash of all the different talks. Speakers included Dr. Ray Guarendi, Virginia Sueffert, Laura Berquist, and Carole Breslin (among many others!!). Since many of the talks given by speakers such as Fr. Phillip Chavez and Fr. Andrew Apostoli were at the same time, it was impossible to see everyone.

I hope others are able to take away from this. These are just bullet points and in no particular order, so forgive me if they seem like they are in disarray!


* The most important reason for Catholic homeschoolers is to make saints. The world doesn't need any more smart, successful, sinful Catholics.

* Our goal should be to make responsible citizens for our nation.

* We have to teach our faith by word and example.

* We have to enable good citizenship in our children by setting the example and helping others.

* Good discipline leads to good family life.

* We need to promote and encourage courtesy in the home.

* If homeschooling with toddlers and young children, work outside so that older kids can get school done while the younger kids run and play.

* Become a nap nazi. Schedule nap times regardless of children wanting to take a nap or not. Quiet time will enable you to work with older children without interruptions.

* Use car time for learning. Saying the rosary or practicing prayers during car trips is an excellent idea.

* Be stingy with your time and pick enrichment activities very carefully. Clump children together, if possible, for activities in order to avoid becoming too busy driving from activity to activity.

* Make a schedule and stick to it!!

* Start school at the same time every day.

* Set up the children's school work space the night before with work ready to do in the morning.

* The most important virtue for children is obedience.

* Ask if your home is filled with Love, Patience, and Joy.

I highly recommend Dr. Ray Guarendi to anyone who is in search of parenting books and talks. He offers DVD's, CD's, and books through his website: www.drray.com

It is impossible to write down all the wonderful information gleaned from this conference. I hope the above will get you started and whet your appetite for more! You can get more information on the IHM Conference at their website: www.ihmconference.org

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