Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Preschool Activities.

I have let my preschool bin go un-updated (is that a word?). This has recently caused me a lot of problems with Anthony wanting to do something, but not knowing what to do. Today I decided it was time to rotate and replenish my preschool bin and I spent the morning busy buying supplies and raiding my craft bins. I'm hoping these activities will last me a bit. I became rather lazy over the holidays, but have now come to realize just how important the preschool bin is in our daily life. It keeps little kids busy, while giving me time to teach the older kids. Here is a list of what I have added today. Perhaps I'll add more later, once my resources are dwindling again.

Correspondence Bag
-Contains envelopes, labels, paper, and stickers.

-Contains varied colored pom-poms to sort out into colored cups with a small spoon.

-Contains both glue stick and white glue, scissors, construction paper and paper scraps.

Matching Designs
-Contains some homemade cards to match.

Number Matching
-Contains Unifix cubes and numbers printed on cardstock. Helps with number recognition and 1:1 correspondence.

Ladybug Number Matching
-A file folder game in which you need to match numbers.

Lacing Beads
-Contains colorful bead and a shoelace.

Pouring Beads
-Contains a small tray and 3 different containers and a spoon used to pour small beads.

Paper Punch
-Contains scraps of paper and different paper punches.

Memory Game
-Contains homemade cards about the seasons to play as a memory game or in any other creative way.

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Litten Lamm Academy said...

These are some great ideas that I may have to *copy*. :)

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