Friday, March 20, 2009

Curricula, Books, and So Much More!

It seems that when spring rolls around, I get a little crazy over curricula and everything homeschool! I've been busy squeezing in curriculum research while trying not to become too consumed. I've been happy with my Angelicum Academy decision and the curricula they offer is top-notch, in my humble opinion. Still, I can't help but return to my love of the Well Trained Mind and the love I have for putting things together on my own.

I have definitely decided on several subjects including math, phonics, and religion. But that leaves grammar, history, science, and whatever extras I might want to add in. Staying with Angelicum would mean that I wouldn't have to worry about any of these extras. But if you have read along with any of my posts in regards to Angelicum over the past year or so, you will know that the one subject I feel completely unconvinced with is history. Mainly because I really love the way the Well Trained Mind cycles through history as opposed to how Angelicum does.

Story of the World was also a big hit around here with the readings and activities. I can't imagine putting something like that together on my own. Of course, the biggest drawback with going on with SOTW II is the teachings behind the Reformation. I'm lazy in a way that I don't want to have to read the entire book and find all the Catholic biases. But I know that there are so many resources to help me muddle through the print if I ultimately decide to go that way.

A classical education is a no-brainer around here. My choices? Angelicum, WTM, Kolbe, and Mother of Divine Grace. WTM works well because it is mainly secular. I don't have a problem with that at all. Angelicum also uses texts that are secular. Kolbe is a program that I have tried to like, but really don't. Lastly, there is Mother of Divine Grace. I've been receiving their catalog for the past couple of years and have even ordered books from them, but I feel completely unfamiliar with their course of study.

A weakness in deciding which way to go lies with myself. I am a follower. I will admit that I like being part of a group for most things. Homeschooling is no different. Of course, I decide what will work best for my family first, but after that there is this area where I want to be able to compare notes with other moms. I want to be able to say, "Have you done lesson 34 yet?" or "Did you come across this problem with your kids?" I guess I still feel like I need support and in my eyes, the best support comes from other moms who are going through the same thing or have been there and done that. I don't like feeling completely alone. Even now, with us making our path, I feel like I am constantly asking my friends for advice. God bless them!!

In the end, I suppose I will continue doing what I have done...whatever it is that will work best for us. I'm looking forward to June and all the planning that will be taking place in my hotel room at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschool Conference. In the mean time, I continue to devour homeschool catalogs and websites, as well as taking other homeschool moms' experience into consideration!!

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