Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Too Much To Do!

Sometimes I wonder if I'll survive parenthood. I am up to my eyeballs in things to do! Lessons to be taught, projects to complete, meals to make...and don't get me started on housework! It's like having 3 full time jobs! And now to top it off, I am adding chauffeur and coach on top of it all.

A new season of activities is starting up and I'm starting to wonder if we really need all the extra chaos that accompanies sports and extra-curricular activities. I'm trying to stay calm and not panic, but here is the new list of stuff we are adding to our weekly routines.
  • Swimming (twice a week)
  • Piano (weekly)
  • T-ball (varies, from 2-4 times a week with games)
  • Faith formation (this is every Wednesday night)
  • Co-op (every Wednesday from morning to after lunch)
  • Ballet (weekly, but I'm considering dropping this)
Luckily, some of these things have an end...like T-ball. Other things, like co-op and faith formation, are not an option to change. The big thing for me is squeezing in as many kids as I can into any given activity.

All three kids will be in swimming together, so that's a big plus. T-ball will include the oldest two. Ballet is definitely a girly thing that I would much rather change to a gymnastics or karate class that can include the boys too, so I'm working on it. Piano is a one kid thing, but it is something that I refuse to take away.

There you have it. Now excuse me while I faint.

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