Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Cloth Diaper News.

Thanks to the encouragement I have been receiving on the use of cloth diapers, I decided not to give up using cloth diapers. I did go through some rough times with the swishing and washing; but I have made a great new discovery that has revolutionized my thoughts on cloth diapering. The DryBees All in One Diaper!!!

These diapers are awesome! Nice and soft, and easy to put on! I also purchased a disposable liner and now I've said "goodbye" to swishing! Putting on this diaper is exactly like putting on a disposable. Although the initial purchase for the diaper can be a little high (I paid $19 for each diaper), in the end you still end up saving. But more important than saving money, you are helping create a better environment for the future of your children.

I am still using disposables at night and when we go out. But other than that it has been all cloth diapers at home and on short errands! There really was hope for me after all!

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