Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Latest Find.

I don't remember where I heard about these neat little magazines that were written back in the 1950's by the Maryknoll Sisters, but I knew that they looked really nice. I did a little searching and to much delighted surprise...I found the complete volumes from 1-44!!!!

I immediately purchased the set and just recently received it. The magazines are in mint condition! The name of the magazine is Crusade: The Story of the Bible Retold for Catholic Children. It has beautiful illustrations and each issue covers stories from the bible. I'm planning on using it as a read aloud with the kids, maybe finishing one issue per month or so.

My biggest problem now is how to store them. I'm thinking of getting some binders to put them in since they are hole punched. I just want to be really careful with them, since they are over 50 years old. I'm honestly just in awe at the condition they are in! One of them still has the subscription envelope inside!


Alice Anna said...

Dear Liz,

What a wonderfull discovery! I grew up on these and they formed my faith. I'm 56 and was born in 1952. I became disenchanted with the Catholic Church after Vatican II and was Protestant for many years. I am now Russian Orthodox but count these magazines as seminal in my knowledge of the Bible.

Alice Anna

Anonymous said...

I have discovered that my mother had these also numbers 1-20 and I am reading them to my son. I would love to know what volumes 21-44 cover. I know number 20 goes up to the Resurrection and St. Paul. Wow I wish I had all 44 of them. Where did you find them all? Thanks!

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