Monday, August 11, 2008

Sometimes I Cry.

Today, I went around town with the kids. I had a couple of errands that couldn't wait until Friday, so I got the kids in the van and took care of business! Sometimes when I go somewhere, I'll see someone or something that just creates an emotional impact on me for whatever reason it may be.

As we were waiting in line for the cashier today, I saw an older woman with her grandchildren. She was buying them some toys and I could hear her talking to them about how they were going to spend the day together while their parents were out.

I immediately thought of my own parents, living 18 hours away, and how much they are missing out on. They don't get to see all the milestones that my children hit. They don't get to spend afternoons together. They don't get to show them baby pictures of when I was little or tell them stories of long ago. My kids are missing out on warm hugs and kisses, playing with my dad's beard, going out to breakfast, and just learning about all the wonderful things my parents have experienced in their lifetime. It makes me sad to to think that the last time they saw Christian, he was 3 months old. He'll be 1 year next week!!! I feel like my kids will never know their grandparents to the point I would want them to.

Grandparents don't live forever. That's what makes me sad.

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