Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What a Deal!

I have been blessed today! As I have been pondering over purchasing Sing, Spell, Read, and Write, I found a wonderful opportunity to buy it used. Luckily, my good friends from our co-op have been following my journey in search for a curriculum and forwarded me some information on someone who was selling their "like new" SSRW K/1st grade combo kit.

After meeting at a science museum, I came away with a very new phonics curriculum (most everything still in shrink wrap) AND some Angelicum lesson plans. All for a unbelievable price! I am thankful to my friends for putting me in contact with the right person and I think that God is helping me along in my homeschooling journey.

Now that I have the phonics kit, I will be pouring over the material and getting Marco started. When we got home and opened the box Marco asked me what it was. I told him it was his new reading program. He was so excited with all the stuff in the box that he begged me to start right away! I told him that I would have to prepare for the lessons first and he was bummed out about that, but now he has something to really look forward to. His reaction to having to wait? "I can't wait until I do fun school!"

My favorite part of the day is hearing that from my kids..."fun school." It's what they call everything we do that is fun and part of school. Lately, fun school is everything except phonics. I'm lucky that my kids get excited about doing lessons. Even math isn't the big chore I thought it was going to be. Now that I have this new program, maybe we'll change our name to "Holy Family Classical Fun School."

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