Saturday, March 1, 2008

Getting Sick.

Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be an illness-free winter. With all these kids, I really doubt it. We have been battling with colds for a while now (about 1 month), and just when I think that the kids are getting better...another one gets sick again. At least we're giving our pediatrician good business!

Christian was fully recovered from croup and just this week he started coughing again. Then on Thursday he had a small fever followed by a higher fever on Friday. I took him to get tested for the flu, and luckily he is flu free! He is slowly recovering and is sleeping a bit better.

Unfortunately, today was another trip to the pediatrician. Marco woke up crying because his ear ached and it turns out that he has an ear infection. After all the commotion of getting all 4 kids into the car to take Marco to see the doctor, we come home and only 2 hours go by before Isabella AND Anthony start complaining that their ears hurt too. Now we have to wait until tomorrow morning to make yet another trip to the pediatrician. Luckily they have weekend hours now for acute illnesses.

I'm hoping that after all this passes, we'll stay healthy for a LONG, LONG time!!

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