Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Lessons.

Today we played catch-up in a couple of things. Since we've been under the weather, our lessons have been extremely light. Math was the first thing to conquer this morning and we started out with some leftover worksheets from Friday's lesson. After that, we continued with 2 more lessons in order to catch up a little. Lucky for us, one lesson was with pattern blocks and the second lesson was an assessment. Both went really well.

Of course, doing phonics with Marco lately is like pulling teeth. After much hesitation we got through the page and we were done. Isabella is quicker to please and she completed 4 pages worth of reading. Girls and boys are so different in this aspect. Marco went straight to playing hockey in the hall after reading, whereas Isabella picked up Cat in the Hat and attempted to read it all by herself.

We have all been suffering from a bit of cabin fever, so I decided to do a nature activity. I was raised by tree hugging parents, so it is obvious that I have a great love for nature. Nature walks have always been part of what we do around here, especially when the weather is as nice as it was today! I made up a simple list of things to find and I sent the kids off to explore the backyard and forest area. After a good 30 minutes of exploring, the kids returned with a bag full of goodies. I set out our trusty picnic blanket and we set out to look at our finds while we enjoyed a snack.

Part of our nature exploring routine has always been to find something different and present it to everyone. I have always felt that this helps the kids to develop their ability to describe and narrate. I always help by asking them the same basic questions: "What do you think this is?" "What does it feel like?" "What color is it?" "Where did it come from?" This always leads to more questions and extends our nature exploring for a while. Today Marco found a seed pod from a crepe myrtle tree and Isabella thought some grass was interesting.


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