Friday, September 28, 2007

MFW: Creation to Leaf

I'm going to start documenting all the neat stuff we are doing with MFW. Most of the fun ideas already come in the Teacher's Manual, so if you never had time to look up extra activities, you would already have the basics set up for you! My kids thrive on always staying busy and they love crafts, so I try and add to the lessons in order to extend the fun. I will take note of any extra books that we read, although I tend to forget to write them down!

Please note that many ideas can be found on the MFW boards at:

We read "God's Love Story" from Catholic Heritage Curricula to go along with this unit. We kept this time nice and simple and the activities from MFW were enough to introduce us to the curriculum.

  • Go outside every couple of hours and trace your shadow.
  • Make shadow art. If going outside, find different objects and place them somewhere above the ground (we used a clothes line and put leaves, a t-shirt, and some toys on it). Trace their shadows onto paper. Same idea for indoors. Just use a light bulb and get creative!


  • Make a clay mobile featuring a sun, moon, and star.
  • Make a paper mobile of the different phases of the moon.


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