Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our Garden Is Almost Done!

We finally finished the boxes for our Square Foot Garden. The kids were a great help in building them and have been interested in every step of our planning. Marco did the nailing, Isabella helped with measuring, and I did all the cutting and drilling. We made two 4x4 boxes and what we finally decided to do is to place one of them on the slope by the fence (we made a bottom for that one), and the other we actually are going to convert it into a sandbox.

Since the current sandbox is next to the driveway, it would look much nicer as a garden. It measures 4x8, so there would be lots of space for planting. The kids don't need such a huge play area (and I don't need so much sand to clean!), so we are exchanging boxes. They happily agreed after we convinced them that having a sandbox by the swing set will be so much more fun.

Our next step is to fill the boxes with dirt and then plant. I'm planning on finishing this by Wednesday. We'll see if it gets done. Tomorrow I'm going to Lowe's to get our stuff. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and warm up a bit. I'll be posting pictures as soon as this little project is done. I can't wait to start getting my hands in some nice, organic soil!!

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