Thursday, March 22, 2007

Garden Phase I is Done!

Whew! Our first 4x4 box is finally done. The box is in place, the dirt has been put in, and the veggies have been planted! I even put a little plastic fence around it to keep the rabbits and other critters out. We'll see how that goes, but so far we have had no problems. The pictures above are the same box, just different angles.

Here is what we planted in our box. Column 1 (on the left in the picture) is romaine lettuce (8 total heads) and onions (24 total of those). Column 2 is broccoli (1 per square). Column 3, top square are seeds that I planted today of rhubarb (4). In the second square I planted spinach seeds (9), the third it's cilantro, and then I have rosemary in the last square. The final column has a tomato plant in the top square followed by 2 squares of corn that I just planted today (the seeds). The last square has bush beans (9).
Hopefully my seeds will sprout and I'll be successful with those plants. So far my other plants look pretty good and the kids and I are really excited. This upcoming week we are planning to soil and plant our 4x8 box. I'll post those pictures once it's done.

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