Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nashville, Tennessee

Here are the kids posing after our lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Marco and Dh are going fast at the go-karts!

Poor Isabella couldn't really see over the steering wheel!

My 3 kiddos enjoying some candy at Opry Mills and loving the shark.

We are finally home after spending a weekend in Nashville. My dearest husband (dh) had an interview and the children and I tagged along for the fun of it. Well, now I see the big deal behind the "are we there yet?" question. Marco was asking every 10 minutes. Being the home bodies that we are, we never really travel more than an hour away, so that question was never a nuisance. But after this trip, I think we are planning on staying closer to home when driving...at least for a while.

Nashville is a really nice city. It's definitely bigger than I thought it was! We got to do a little exploring and the kids were excited to find that there is fun stuff to do when you are driving around. In Music Valley, we took the kids to the go-karts and mini-golf. It was fun for everyone, although I think Anthony was upset at the fact that he was too small for riding in the fast cars! We also drove by the Grand Ole Opry...not too exciting. I guess you'd have to go to an actual concert to get the full effect!

Anyways, as dh was interviewing, I got to spend a whole day alone with the kids. It was difficult getting them out of the hotel because the did not want to leave...they were having too much fun playing hide and seek! But we made it out eventually. We explored the Nashville suburbs and Vanderbilt University. After driving around, I decided to hit the stores and do some shopping. We ended up at Opry Mills (which is pretty much like any other Mills mall) and did some serious walking. I found some great deals on clothing for the kids and we made a few pit stops at the candy store, the ice-cream shop, and the toy store. After our sugar high, dh called us and we went to pick him up. We had a quick dinner and then headed for home.

Driving through the mountains at night is not my favorite thing to do, but given that I get seriously car sick, I gave dh no alternative but to let me drive. We finally got home after midnight last night and it feels wonderful to be home!! Now I just have to do some laundry, squeeze in some lessons with the kids, plant some seeds in our new garden box, go grocery shopping, and hopefully get back into the swing of things.

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