Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Ready for Convention Book Fair!!

Well, this weekend will be the NCHE Homeschool Convention and I am completely ready to go! I normally skip out on the talks/sessions and head straight to the book fair...but this year, some of the talks are looking like they might be of interest to me! Whether or not I get to attend them is a different story.

If you've never been to a homeschool conference/convention...I highly recommend going to one! Not only do you get to attend sessions and talks given by veteran homeschoolers, but many times there are vendors who showcase their products through talks as well (one of my favorites is the talks given by the Hazell's for My Father's World). Take some comfortable walking shoes, a notebook to write with, some snacks and you are ready!!

Of course, my favorite part of any homeschool conference/convention is the actual book fair. This is the perfect time to peruse through the all the books you might even think of getting. There is something to be said for being able to thumb through books and compare curriculum. It's great! Be beware of wanting to get everything!!

Tonight I'll be spending some time really thinking about all our options for curricula. I'm still deciding what we'll be doing for history and whether or not to continue with what we are doing (most likely, yes!). It always helps me to write things down, make a list, and revisit what we have used in the past. I'll make sure to post my thoughts on curricula tomorrow!

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