Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Updates.

Well, the local homeschool convention has come and gone and I have purchased the majority of our school books for the upcoming year. I still have some books left to get, but I'm hoping to find them at the Catholic conference in a few weeks.

As for school, we have been diligently working to catch up and finish. Although with some subjects we won't be taking much of a rest (writing, handwriting, grammar,etc.) and will go straight through the summer and into our new year. Unfortunately, this is the price you pay for taking a couple of slacker months due to morning sickness followed by a few weeks here and there for vacation. Nevertheless, I am so happy that my kids are being troopers about the whole situation and are just chugging along wonderfully!!

Anthony is pretty much done with his BFIAR and it was something that he loved this year! He loved the stories, the crafts, the lapbooks, and just knowing that he was doing his own thing. He is really the sweetest guy!! Since we have completed that, I am working on alphabet activities for him for the next few weeks. I haven't focused on this and feel like it's time to get him into preschool mode! He is having lots of fun so far.

Anthony's alphabet work.

Isabella is still working though Level 1 of SSRW. I had to really adjust the program to fit her needs, since it has lots of writing and she just isn't at that level with writing yet. So we are doing everything orally and it is working a lot better. For math, I decided to drop Saxon Math 1 for a couple of months and do MCP Math K. We started about 2-3 weeks ago and she is already half way through the book. I'm hoping to finish it off and go back to Saxon in late August.

Marco is working the hardest at this point and doing double duty with subjects like math and history. His reading has significantly improved and his handwriting has taken a turn for the better!!! We are working with WWE and love it so far!! The copy work is fantastic, the narration is great, and his listening skills are being sharpened. I'm expecting him to start Level 2 of WWE sometime in the late fall.

As for history, we had stopped doing it altogether in order to improve on reading. So now we are trying to catch up and plan to finish studying the ancients this summer. It is a little disappointing to not have the time to do all the fun activities and really delve into the book. SOTW has been a favorite and now it's not as much fun. Luckily, it hasn't become a chore. The book is still being enjoyed and I have started using Discovery Education Streaming in order to supplement with interesting videos and clips. The kids love that!!

Of course, I have been doing lots of crafts with the kids lately too. I don't want it to be all work and no play, so we've been making ocean crafts, recipes, painting, taking nature walks, and reading fun books. It keeps things interesting!

Having some fun painting and making crafts.

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