Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, I haven't written about my daily duties as a mom lately. Mostly dealing with diapers. In the past I posted about my mediocre transition into using cloth diapers. My motivation being that I want to do the earth friendly and "green" thing. I feel a responsibility to this, especially since we have a large family and who knows how many of my kids' diapers are still lying in some land fill.

Since having tried cloth diapers, I can honestly admit that I did not fully transition into a full cloth diaper routine. It was more like 75% disposable and 25% cloth. An improvement, but not fully eco-friendly. But recently (like a month or two ago), I began using a combination of disposable, cloth, and G Diapers.

If you haven't heard of G Diapers, they are pretty much an earth friendly diaper that you can flush and even compost!! They take a little extra effort, but I like them! I have also made an effort to use more cloth. This has drastically reduced the amount of disposable diapers I use. My percentages?? 10% disposable, 60% G Diapers, and 30% cloth. A great improvement. My goal is to move to just G Diapers and cloth. I still keep a pack of Pampers, though, since I don't want to make life so hard for when my DH takes the kids or when my babysitter is around.

The use of G Diapers is not any cheaper, so if you want to make the switch to save money...this is probably not the way to do it. I recommend fully switching to cloth in order to see any savings.

So that is the update on the ever so interesting discussion of diapers!!!!

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Marina said...

I love this article! I used cloth diapers with all four of my children, when they were babies. I felt like I was giving them the best! I wished that they had had the G-diaper back then. I would certainly have tried it! Thankful that they have it today for new mothers to try!