Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

It's another year and I'm a year older! It was a great day and full of fun! DH took care of me all day and it felt good to have him "run the house" for a day. I slept in (although I don't know if getting up at 7:30am is considered sleeping in!), got dressed and came downstairs. Breakfast was all ready for me and all I had to do was sit down and eat! No refilling cups of milk for kids, getting up and serving everyone seconds, or cleaning up the kitchen afterwards.

Not only that, but my birthday cake came nice and early! Right after breakfast, the kids turned off the lights and DH brought out the cake! It was a nice day followed by strawberry picking with the family, nice cool Popsicles, and time alone at the homeschool convention book fair. Dinner was even a breeze.

It would be nice to have days like this more often!!

Yes...I'm 32!!

The kids helped me blow out the candles.

Time to open all the lovely homemade presents and cards from the kids!

At the strawberry farm.

Christian helped his papi pick (or eat!) the strawberries.

Marco had a great time too!

At the end of the trip...a happy family, a happy mom, and LOTS of strawberries!!!

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