Saturday, May 30, 2009

Planning a Planner.

So these past few days I've been working on my new planner for the year. Unlike last year's planner, I would like to have it bound rather that using a 3 hole punch approach. Although I like the flexibility of being able to add pages, I wasn't thrilled with it. I especially didn't like that it was bulky and it couldn't write in it comfortably. So here is what my planner for this year will have.

2 Page Weekly Lesson Plans: This has a column for the subject, as well as columns for Monday through the weekend (we don't just do school on a M-F schedule). I decided to make my own, but you can find a similar one at

Curriculum Planner: This is a list where I list exactly what books I'm using for each subject and what I paid for them. Last year I wished I had kept track of my costs, as well as all the books I had purchased. It's actually more helpful at the end of the year when I'm planning the following semester's books.

Student Checklist
: Lately, the kids have been using checklists after they have completed their assignments. Not only has this stopped the incessant "Am I almost done with school work?" question, but it has given them a sense of pride and accomplishment after they check off each assignment. If there is no assignment for a subject that day, I put an "X" in it's square. Rather than printing out a new sheet for them for each day or week, I decided to include the checklist in my planner. This can also serve as an attendance record if you are required to have one for your state. This form can also be found at

Book List: I wasn't sure if I would need this list or not, so I decided to add it just in case. This will allow me to keep a record of books read or checked out from the library. Many times we will check out a great book from the library and later, after I've returned it, I want to reference it and I can't remember the name or author of the book! This list will be handy especially if you have younger kids you plan on homeschooling. You can always look back to see what books were hits and find them with more ease rather than starting a search from scratch. (**the O/L stands for Own or Library. Sometimes I forget I own a book!)

Daily Schedule:
This is just a copy of what our daily schedule typically looks like. I haven't planned it out for the new year yet, so that is something I need to do.

Lined Paper
: This will be for notes and ideas.

Monthly Calendar: An at a glance view for the month.

Hope this helps someone out there in deciding what to include in their own planners!! Although purchasing a ready-made planner is inexpensive and easy; I like that I can include my own personal forms and fit the planner to my needs. I'm actually excited to start writing down our schedule!

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Jenn said...

Thanks for your post. I love the idea of binding it for 3 bucks at Office Depot or someplace rather than a 3 ring binder. I'm working on making my own planner for this year (I've tried and failed in previous years, but here we are again.) so I'm eager for all the help I can get!!

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