Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ramblings as I Get Back in the Groove.

I'm trying my best lately to catch up with school after taking nearly two weeks off for vacation, so that might explain my blogging absence. But we are chugging along and doing well! Now I feel I can slowly come back and share with everyone (which is why you might see more than one post today!!).

Today is not starting to be such a great day, however. Last night, Anthony woke up with croup. I had to immediately stick him in the bathroom with a hot shower running since it sounded like he had a bit of stridor. The steam really helped his breathing, especially when he calmed down and stopped crying. After the steamy bathroom, I took him out for some cool air and he fell asleep in my arms. He slept with me for the remainder of the night and thankfully is still breathing well and sleeping.

Not to make my night any easier, Christian woke up crying with a stuffy nose. He asked to be rocked with his blanky and I obliged since the last thing I needed at 2:30am was an angry, crying, kid. Lucky once more, after I put him down he slept through the rest of the night.

Isabella and Marco also had their own issues. Marco woke up screaming and scared me half to death! Apparently he had a horrible nightmare and was angry that I wasn't right there when he woke up. Isabella was awakened by Marco's cries and unfortunately wasn't feeling well herself. She complained of her head hurting and I assured her that sleep is the best for things like that. After whining a bit about it, she eventually went back to sleep.

Why such a rough night?? It's like somehow everyone knew I was tired and alone (Jimmy worked last night, so he wasn't home). So here I am now...blogging at 6:00 in the morning. Tired, sleepy, and feeling a bit bummed that today I won't be able to relieve my thoughts at Mass.

****And completely off subject.****
Why is Notre Dame giving Obama an honorary degree? I was aware of his visit for graduation, which I thought was diplomatic at best (but don't really agree with it). But to give him an honorary degree??? Someone who is sooo pro-choice? Yea...doesn't make sense for a CATHOLIC university to do that!

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