Friday, August 13, 2010

Choosing Our First Reads and Other Thoughts.

So we are only "3 sleeps" away from our first day of school (as my kids would say)! Today I spent the morning getting the remaining of our school supplies, as well as getting some treats for the first day of school schultutes! Want a sneak peak at one of them? Here it is!

This particular one is for Christian. will be his first year getting a cone and he is super excited!!!

Other preparations underway are filling in our planners with assignments. As usual, I like to plan for 2-3 weeks at a time. This gives me plenty of room to adjust things if I need to. I must add that it's been nice having all the lesson plans in front of me to just add to our planners. I'm thankful we are going with Angelicum Academy again.

One thing Angelicum doesn't do, however, is tell you in what order to read their literature suggestions. This year I'm starting with The Princess and the Goblin for Marco. We will be turning in his book report for grading for this book, so I'm thinking that by starting it first, it will give Marco plenty of time to work on it.

Interested in reading a FREE, online copy of this story? Just visit The Princess and the Goblin and start reading!

As for Isabella, we are going to start with The Aesop for Children. We have actually read this book several times, but this will be the first time that we'll be doing short book report to go along with it. If you are interested in reading this book online for free as well, check out the Baldwin Project.
This weekend will be full of preparations for our first day of school traditions. I'm just as excited as the kids! I have schultutes to fill, crowns to make, and a new route to take to our school room. Check out our first day of school from last year!

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