Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Chore Packs.

I am feeling more and more relieved every time I look at our new schedules! Things have been hectic ever since we made the move into our new home. I will admit that some things are still messy and unorganized, but it's a work in progress. One thing that was definitely put to the wayside was the kids' chores.

In the past (aka...before we moved), the kids did a pretty good job completing their chores. I started using Managers of Their Chores a couple of years ago and loved it. It took me a little while to train my kids as to what they were supposed to do, but once it was done, they didn't even need their chore pack to know what they were supposed to do. Well, since we moved back in April, the whole chore thing kind of went out the window.

Since moving, it has been a big obstacle in deciding what chores to have the kids do. First of all, we are in a much bigger house (6500+ sq.feet!). This means more stuff to keep clean and more rooms to clean. Second of all, we are still in move-in mode. Some boxes are still unpacked and there is lots of organizing to be accomplished. How to do it?

After spending lots of time thinking and planning, I created new chore packs for the kids. I stuck to many of the same chores they used to have, but now it's understood that instead of cleaning a small space, they'll have to help clean a big space. And it's working out great!! Granted, I'm in the process of "training" the kids on how to do things the right way; but they catch on quick.

I can't take any credit for my success, however. Managers of Their Chores has provided me a wonderful base for making this work. I would be lost in a filthy mess without that book! And I love that the kids are held accountable for their messes and their things. They are also beginning to feel a certain amount of ownership over the spaces they clean. Just the other day I hear Isabella telling Marco, "Please don't make a mess in the school room. I just cleaned it and I want it to last."

I'm thinking that after about a month or two of wearing the chore packs all over again, the kids will once again become "pros" at their chores and will eventually not need to wear them. Keep in mind that they are always responsible for the same chores. I don't switch around on them.

So YAY! for getting our schedule done and our chore packs!! We are so ready for school!!!!

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