Monday, April 26, 2010

Researching Curricula.

It's that time of year again, where we start evaluating how the past year went and if the materials we chose worked out. I'm happy to announce that we really liked all that we used this year for 2nd, kindergarten, and preschool!!

There was a lot of putting things together, combining, and hodge-podge...but it worked out! Big hits for the year were 2nd grade Rod and Staff English grammar, Writing With Ease, and History Odyssey. I was actually most surprised that Rod and Staff grammar remained a favorite subject throughout the year.

Now the time has come to start looking and deciding on curriculum for next year. The familiar saying of "If it isn't broke, don't fix it," will stand around here. We are keeping a lot of the same: Saxon Math, Rod & Staff English, Writing With Ease. But my new conundrum lies in the time I have to invest in putting things together. With 3 kids in "school," Christian in the throws of preschool, and baby Jimmy sitting in on everything...I really want to simplify my life. So here comes...Angelicum Academy once again.

Angelicum Academy has totally redone their website and updated their curriculum. I love the look and the materials they are offering! So the next week or so I'll be researching and coming up with a plan. Angelicum is looking strong to us since they utilize much of the curricula we will be using (we, of course, also do stuff not included). History and grammar have been the only differences between what they use and what we use. But I'm starting to lean towards just doing history their way.

We'll see. But I do suggest that if you are looking for a Catholic, Classical program...check out Angelicum Academy!

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