Saturday, April 24, 2010

Catching up.

Well, even though we've just recently moved...a lot has been happening in our lives. Family and friends keep bugging me that I haven't posted pictures, what's going on with the kids, etc. So I decided to make this post all about what's happened in the last month or so!! Get ready for a long picture post!

Best Friends Come Visit
Our awesome friends (if you remember from previous posts...they moved to Illinois last year) came over for a week to visit! It was great to see them again and to meet the newest member of their family, baby Nora. The kids had a blast and the grown-ups were all giddy to see each other after about 8 months.

Lots of hugs went around as friends were reunited!

The girls hanging out and playing together.

One last picture before our good friends leave.

Moving Day!
DH got his friends together and it was like a barn-raising event!! The men worked hard and every muscle was used. The kids got to hang out in the new house and explore it. And even through the weather that day was well into 92 degrees (never mind how much Gatorade we went through!), we celebrated with pizza and drinks.

Moving was a DIY project with friends. Here Dh parks in the driveway. Never mind the ugly grass, the previous owners left us a bit of work to do outdoors!

Laughing it up while resting.

Moving heavy furniture up the staircase was not easy!

Looking out the nursery window.

Baby Jimmy is growing like a weed!

Super Cheese!

We moved on a Good Friday, so it was a laid-back Easter this year. Super, early morning Mass means not having to dress up so much and avoiding the big crowds. Getting home back into our pajamas and play clothes while eating Krispy Kreme donuts was a treat...not to mention the excitement of the kids finding Easter baskets in their beds!

This was the scene early in the morning on Easter.

After returning home, it was time for Easter baskets!

Anthony loved his rabbit and goodies.

Isabella was the only one who left her Easter dress on.

Happy Birthday Marco!!
This was the year that Marco was to get his big birthday party. Unfortunately, his birthday came right at moving time. But he wasn't disappointed. A big party wasn't important to him. He just wanted some friends over to celebrate with him. Bike riding, cake, and even a pinata made his day special! My baby is now 8 years old!

Getting ready for pinata time!

Marco got the first hit and all the kids waited in anticipation for their turn.

Anthony did a good job whacking the pinata.

Finally, all the treats fall to the ground!

Happy Birthday!

American Girl Club
This week was our turn to host the American Girl Club. We are still reading up on Josefina's adventures. For crafts, we made memory boxes and books; snack were pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) and Mexican hot chocolate! Yum!!

Painting memory boxes.

Great girl fun!

AG Club is Isabella's highlight of the week!

American girls posing pretty on our front steps.

In the Mean Time...
We are still trying to get settled in. Boxes are almost everywhere and the garage is full of stuff left to unpack and put away. But the kids keep being kids, we keep working on crafts, and it's a happy house full of love for family, friends, and above all...God!

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