Friday, April 23, 2010

Life Goes On!

We are slowly getting all our things unpacked. Life doesn't stop for anything or anyone!! This week's accomplishment was setting up our computer on the desk (yes, it was on the floor before!) and getting the printer up and running!

I'm still super-busy with unpacking, school lessons, co-op planning, book meetings, etc., etc. I'm so busy that I'm to the point to where I'm ready to say "No. I can't do this anymore." and just clear my plate from so much of the things that seem to be taking away from family life.

  • Dance lessons
  • American Girl Club
  • Planning Meetings
  • Sacramental Prep classes
  • Baptisms and First Communion
  • Homeschool organizing
  • Piano Lessons
  • Anniversary, Birthdays, other yearly events
  • Conventions and conferences
  • Field Day planning
  • Meetings, meetings, and more meetings!!
All this to do for the remainder of May!! It's too much and I really need to pray about what is really important and just get down to what is right for myself and my family. Saying "yes" to everything is not good for me, but it is a fault that I have. I feel like I just need to be home for the next few months with minimal extra-curricular activities for the kids. We just need to settle down into our new surroundings, do some school, and chill.

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