Monday, May 28, 2007

Convention is Over!

Convention is over and I am so excited about all the information I acquired! I feel so inspired and our decision to homeschool has been definitely been solidified by all that we learned! I am so glad that I decided to attend the sessions this year, as opposed to just going to the book fair. I would like to thank my wonderful husband for all the support he gives me everyday in this decision to teach our children at home (and for all the support I get from his wallet!).

It would be nearly impossible to write about how many of the topics at convention were done as if they were speaking directly to me. I found myself close to tears during a couple of the talks because I kept thinking, "That's me! That's what I feel and that's what I'm going through!" It was pretty amazing to look around the room and see so many women nodding in agreement. I know I'm not alone! Even better, I was able to get tips from parents who have been down this road. Parents who've been there and done that, and many who are still doing it. The great thing is that many of the topics pertained to new homeschoolers like me, as well as homeschoolers who have been doing this for years.

A nice plus was the book fair. I was able to browse through so many books that I would otherwise be buying blindly online. I found all the materials I wanted to add to our kindergarten year and I was also able to purchase and browse through our first grade curriculum plans. Now I feel like I am an armed consumer, ready to purchase a plethora of new books for my kids (and myself).

I must end in saying that I really did come away from convention with truly useful information. Everything from helping myself and my household; to being a better teacher, mother, and wife. I even came away with a new perspective on how my kids actually function and learn. Overall, I had a great time and I'm glad I was able to enjoy without having to drag the kids through the whole thing.

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