Sunday, June 3, 2007

Planning. I Think I'm Addicted!

So this past week I've been recovering from "I Want Everything I Saw at Convention" Syndrome. Now that my list has been narrowed down and I have purchased most of what I want, I'm on to a new type of addiction...planning. Normally, I am a plan-a-holic. I love having my spreadsheets, log sheets, lists, and schedules. I actually even use them! I have my pocket PC synchronized with my computer so that my schedule is never off. I have my homemade planner sitting on the table ready to be me looked at at any given minute. My reminders for lessons, trips, and appointments are set to go off 15-30 minutes before the actual event...just in case I forget to check what's on my schedule for the day.

But don't let all that fool you! I am indeed the most flexible homeschooler ever. I know that my kids depend on a routine, but not an hourly schedule. I bend and flex things daily with school lessons, errands, and housework. But having all these things really helps me to focus on what needs to be done. It helps me set goals and accomplish them! Hopefully, as we go from a household of 5 to 6, it will help keep the flow going in our home. I counting on it!

The unfortunate thing lies in the amount of time I have spent looking for all these organizational materials online. I make sure that my online time is done only during bedtimes and quiet time. I don't like cutting into the time the kids have to spend with me or the time that the housework needs to be done. But overall, I have scoured through so many websites trying to find the perfect lesson planner or organizer. With all that I have found, I realize that there is nothing that is perfect out there to suit my needs. So what has happened as a result of hours and hours spent on the computer looking for the perfect planner and failing to find one? I have made my own! Of course, my own planner is ALWAYS a work in progress. I just wouldn't be me if I did something and never went back to modify it.

I've recently gone from using Microsoft Word, to the more recent Excel version. So far, I'm really happy with the outcome of my spreadsheets. I've incorporated a material needed list in order to help me when I'm planning the week out. I usually always forget to buy something (specialty size construction paper, jars, etc.) for the many projects we do, so this little extra has proved to be extra helpful. Included is also a reading and field trip log.

My conclusions?? Well, I have come across some helpful online sites. If you are interested in visiting the ones that proved to be the most helpful to me in my quest, just plug them in and check them out! These sites are not all inclusive to planners. Some of them are extremely useful for organizing your home and other aspects of your life. I often check back on them just in case I missed something. Of course, I will be eventually posting a sample of my own organizational materials. I'm here to help out any other planning junkie!


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