Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Ready.

Today I actually feel like it's a normal Sunday! I'm busy preparing for the week and although I have lots of catching up to do, it feels like I'm finally ready to get ready! Does that make sense? For the past month I have been feeling like I just wasn't ready for anything, but had to do it anyways. So I wasn't ready to get ready...but now I am!!

I'm planning out my week, getting groceries, making lists, etc. It's good to feel a little bit more on track! The unfortunate thing is that I really am behind. With the baby having been sick, it feels like we lost another 2 weeks of regular schooling. Although we did do our main lessons, we were working off what was scheduled and now we need to get back into things...and it's almost October!

It's so important to enlist help whenever possible. Lately, I've come to realize that the only kind of help I really need comes only from God. I'm hoping that by dedicating myself to Him more, I might find more peace with all the day to day that needs to be accomplished in my little domestic church.

Father in heaven,
grant me the grace to appreciate the dignity
which you have conferred on me.
Let me realize that not even the Angels
have been blessed with such a
to share in your creative miracle
and bring new Saints to heaven.
Make me a good mother to all my children
after the example of Mary,
the Mother of your Son.
Through the intercession of Jesu
s and Mary
I ask your continued blessings on my family.
Let us all be dedicated to your service on earth
and attain the eternal happiness of your kingdom in heaven.

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