Monday, September 28, 2009

Celebrating the Liturgical Year.

Thanks to our wonderful liturgical wheel calendar, I have come to see that this week is packed full of wonderful feast days!! Being behind in most things lately, I'm glad that this week will not pass me by and I'm sure that there was some divine intervention involved in making me realize that this is a special week.

Tomorrow is the feast of the Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Since two of our children have their middle names after archangels (actually three are named after archangels if you count the angel Uriel), it is a day we celebrate year after year! In addition to our regular religion lessons, we'll be coloring pages of the angels and saying some additional prayers. You can find coloring pages over at Waltzing Matilda. We'll also be celebrating this name day by blowing out candles on some cupcakes.

A favorite saint of ours, St. Therese's feast day is on Thursday, October 1st. We'll have fun reading about her; the kids love her story as told through the Catholic Children's Treasure Box. We are also big fans of sacrifice beads (or good deed beads) and they seem to be found all over the house. Adding to our collection, we'll be making more as well.

Two more feast days this week that I haven't planned are:
October 2nd Guardian Angel
October 4th St. Francis of Assisi

I'll make sure to post any ideas as these days approach. Enjoy!!

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