Sunday, January 11, 2009

Only in a Catholic Home.

DH and I were busy cleaning the house the other day. We moved furniture to vacuum underneath, steam-cleaned the floors, etc. I kept a little pile of all the things I kept finding, and left it on our dryer. Over the course of 2 more days, I went adding to my pile as I kept trying to unclutter and clean the house. Of course, we both found major dust bunnies and random little toys. But here were some of our treasures.

1. A St. Anthony medal in full color. Very pretty.
2. A child's scapular.
3. A small gold crucifix broken off from a rosary.
4. A pair of Good Deed Beads with St. Therese and Our Holy Mother medals attached.
5. A lost copy of "Little Acts of Grace," a book about Catholic customs and devotions for young children.
6. A plastic rosary. (I had wondered where it went!!)
7. A wooden bracelet with Our Lady of Guadalupe on it.

There you have it! I found it so funny that I had to take a picture. Only in a Catholic home!

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