Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Co-op, etc.

Our co-op is such a success and I'm absolutely thrilled at how organized and smoothly things are running. Last week we worked on prayer pockets for Catholic arts & crafts and this week was stitching. I laugh at the thought that this "rowdy" group of K-2 graders are so quiet during class, that I can hear a pin drop in the room!

Our co-op class working on arts & crafts.

Making sure everything looks good!

As for homeschooling at home, things aren't as active as they usually are. I haven't been feeling 100% for a while and it has been showing with the amount of activities we do. Not only that, but my blogging has taken a back seat to all this as well. For today, I'm just glad that I'm beginning to feel better and I'm starting to plan more "fun school" with the kids. I'll make sure I post more as we get into the swing of things as well as when I get back to many of the projects I have on hold.

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