Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Updates on Good Books.

We started reading our books from the "Good Books" list this week. So far, things are going great! What really got me excited was this awesome new literature guide that Angelicum Academy just printed for 3rd grade! You can get it at their website. If you are enrolled with AA, it's free! Otherwise it's $19.95. So far, I think it's a great addition and help to our reading.

For updates and news at Angelicum, you can also check out their blog! Now you might wonder why I'm going on and on about Angelicum. It's just that when I get excited about something that's working well, I want to tell everyone!! So check them out!

And also as a side note, if you are not enrolled with Angelicum, or even if you are not doing classical education...I strongly recommend looking over their "Good Books" list. They are fabulous selections that every child should read! Don't get discouraged if they seem too difficult. You will reap the benefits once you get to reading!!

Our good book readings are always done out loud, as they are too advanced for my young readers. The language has been a challenge for some books, but we keep going (at a snails pace if we have too!); and by the middle of the book, my kids are asking less and less about definitions (what does that mean?) and asking more and more why's and how's. It turns into a great discussion!!

So tonight we continue with The Princess and the Goblin, Aesop's Fables, and Perrault's Fairy Tales. Happy Reading Everyone!!


Laura O said...

It's always great to find something that works for you. I took a quick look and they haven't released the grades I'd need this year. But, it has given me a source for options when my 2nd grader reaches 3rd and 4th grade.

Gardenia said...

thanks for the tip. will check it out. and I love your new blog header.

Liz said...

Laura: I'm also curious if they are going to make some for the younger grades. It would be helpful!

Gardenia: Glad you like the new header!! I've been meaning to update the look of my blog and just didn't have the time. But now it just looks nicer!!


Eva said...

Hello Liz,

Are you still using Angelicum Academy? If so, how are you liking it for older children?


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