Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekly Planning.

I have been working on lesson plans for the week. My first order of business was getting activities for Anthony's preschool. We are working on Ask Mr. Bear this week and we'll be doing animal classification along with a neat little lapbook from Homeschool Share. Below you can see the Animal Classification board I made for Anthony. I got this idea from someone on the FIAR Forums.

Anthony's Animal Classification Board.

On top of the above activities, I printed out some great worksheets with an animal theme from Evan Moor. They include identifying mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians. I thought this was a great add-in as it goes along with our animal classification. Homeschool Share also has a great link to an Animal Farm Book from KizClub.

With all those activities for the week, you'd think I'd be set! But I have to be ready for the days when Anthony finishes early and starts asking to do more school work. So I included activities from his preschool box into my planning. Here is what I have scheduled for additional activities for the week:

*Make a cereal necklace
*Animal Lacing Cards
*Plastic farm animals
*Writing on a cookie sheet with whipped cream
*Playing with wood shapes (from Handwriting Without Tears)

Of course, it is usually a given that Isabella will join in on the manual activities...maybe even Marco! If you want more ideas, I have a whole list of them here. I usually keep this list handy.

As for Marco, he is still suffering with a bad sore throat. This means that reading out loud is going to be kept to a minimum. We will continue with our Saxon Math lessons and will be working on the handwriting portion of SSRW. I'm trying to get more science in, so I'm excited about moving it up from our evening schedule. As for everything else, I'll just be jumping back in where we left off.

Isabella is also moving along with Saxon 1. She is currently working on her doubles and it's fun to see her and Marco quiz each other with math facts. I am taking math very slowly since she is still preschool age. Finishing by May is not as big of a concern for me in this subject. As for SSRW; Isabella will be moving into the 1st grade section of the workbooks soon. I'm thinking of taking a break in between the kindergarten and 1st grade, however, and just have her focus on fluency and sight word recognition.

And that's that for the week! I'll post our progress....hopefully!!

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teachingtinytots said...

love the board! i might have to make one for my LO she is 2 and loves animals!

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