Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On Track for Today!

Today was the most productive day I have had in the last couple of weeks in terms of school. Marco is finally feeling better and his throat isn't sore or scratchy anymore, which means that he was in such a better mood. I also decided to ditch much of the housework today and concentrate on doing more one on one, since DH had the morning off and was able to help with the kids.

Marco is finally back to reading out loud. Phonics and reading has been the hardest subject for me teach to him because he doesn't enjoy it. He is constantly telling me that he doesn't like reading. I know this is a problem because he expects results quickly, and learning to read just doesn't work that way. But I am seeing improvements and I have to pray daily about finding ways to motivate him. As for math, it seems to be clicking for him nicely. It really seems like Marco falls into whole "boys good at math and science" thing.

Isabella is loving tagging along with Anthony's Before Five in a Row curriculum. She is still preschool, so it appeals to her little girl side. In math and reading, she is doing well and never complains about work. I think having her do some kindergarten work appeals to her big girl side. It's fun to be able to do different levels with her.

Anthony has become such a fan of BFIAR!!! We are reading Ask Mr. Bear and it has quickly become a favorite with him. He is constantly asking me to read the book and he likes carrying it around and "reading" it himself. Yesterday we worked on a really cute farm animal book and some worksheets focusing on identifying animals. Today, we started on the lapbook and he is loving all the little activities that go along with it. It is so fun, cute, and inspiring to hear him say "Mami, I'm ready to do school work!!"

Isabella and Anthony show off their work from yesterday.

Marco getting in on the picture.

I'm glad to finally feel somewhat back on schedule. Today will be a late night, however, as I don't want to worry about having to laundry during the day. Our work is never done!


teachingtinytots said...

sounds like a great day! we did that farm activity from kizclub too!

i'm like number 6 on BFIAR so i don't think i'll get it till after april :( oh well i guess i'll have to make up my own for snowy day that was the one i wanted to do for january

Jenni said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. You are such an inspiration to me! I've gotten so many wonderful ideas from your blog that I'm starting to use with my kids--I just started homeschooling this year and have two boys ages 5 and 3. I just ordered the Activity Bags and am going to make them after Christmas. I also have BFIAR for my 3 year old. I haven't done much with it yet, but I should. He has really shown a lot of interest in "doing school". He always asks me where his school stuff is so I know I need to get with it. I don't have my act together as much as you!! My 5 yo isn't as enthusiastic about things and I am really struggling to get him to be motivated to do anything. Sorry for such a long comment--just wanted to give you some props and let you know that your blog is awesome!!!

Liz said...

Thanks for the comments and compliments!! I'm glad I'm able to offer some ideas!


Juli said...

I used to have all of the five in a row books including before five in a row and I think I had Beyond Five in a Row, too, and I never got around to using them, so I gave them away. I'm really wishing that I hadn't now, because they sound so fun. It's one of those things where I just want to use every curriculum out there and I can't decide on one thing!
Don't get down on yourself if you don't accomplish everything either. During our morning prayers I always say a prayer that God will help us to learn what he wants us to learn and let go of what we can't get, too. There is always another day. I even notice on days when we don't always get to everything that they still learn a lot anyway.

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